Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Month-end and quarter-end Accounting Services

Consistent month-end and quarter-end procedures are a must for your business. Any inconsistencies will put the accuracy of your internal financial results into question. It is crucial to ensure that your bank is balanced, your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are correct, your financial statements make sense.

If you have any doubts about your month-end or quarter-end results or what you’re paying in taxes, please contact us. TrueVista Accounting Solutions Ltd. can review the results to make sure they are correct, as well as identify where mistakes have been made and fix them.

We can also provide training to your staff to show them the proper way of entering financial data for accuracy.

For the quarter-end, we can do a complete review of the financial statements and generate the reports Revenue Canada will need for HST collection. We’ll also make copies of the appropriate documents so you’ll have back-up information if your computer ever crashes or in case of a CRA audit.

We also provide Payroll help and/or services, particularly for Payroll Remittances and T4 preparation.