Quickbooks Training

Quickbooks Training

“Fantastic Workshops” – Jacob Hiltz, Electric Loft Studio

As easy as QuickBooks is to use, most people aren’t using it to its full potential. We offer three types of Quickbooks training to help people get the most out of this great accounting software and show them ways they could use it better. If saving time and money sounds good to you, then some additional training is a must.

Nancy Sievert is one of only two certified QuickBooks trainers in Atlantic Canada. She’s also one of only 18 across Canada and has worked in the accounting profession for close to 30 years, almost 20 as the owner and operator of her own Accounting practice. You’re in good hands.

The three types of training she offers are:

Remote training

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Hong Kong or Halifax, TrueVista Accounting Solutions Ltd. can provide safe and secure training. Using secure software we are able to log into your computer and see what you see.

We will speak with you over the telephone and guide you through the problem and repeat the process to make sure you know how to do it the next time. Or if you just need us to fix the problem, we can do that too. Have a question – go to our contact page and one of our staff will be happy to help.

Computer Lab training

This isn’t a training session where the instructor lectures with a PowerPoint presentation. This is hands-on training with a computer. Enrolment is limited to 12 students per session and you’ll leave the session feeling comfortable and confident using QuickBooks.

Remember that a proper bookkeeping system helps small businesses increase profits, reduce taxes and improve cash flow. An up-to-date system allows you to easily post transactions as they occur, so you have current financial information, such as updated balance sheets, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Knowing and understanding how to properly operate QuickBooks will make sure you always know the true financial health of your business.

We often hear “How much HST do I owe?” With QuickBooks set up properly, and data entered on a timely basis you will be able to answer this question and many more with the click of a button! Did you also know that there is a “filing HST” system within QuickBooks that automatically saves your HST calculations to a PDF file? Imagine CRA requesting an audit and with a click of a button the reports (the way CRA likes to see them) are produced for the time period in question.

In House Training

True Vista Accounting will come to your office to help you master QuickBooks. But it’s more than just showing you how to work with QuickBooks. It’s about making sure you use it to help you understand your company’s financial health and provide the necessary information to make sound business decisions.

A less-often, but VERY important report is the Accounts Receivable. Do you know who owes you what? How old is a client’s invoice? Are you keeping track of this information through a paper or Excel method? Why not use QuickBooks where the click of a button gives you all the information you need?

Imagine the stress relief! The increase in cash flow just by keeping on top of this and sending client statements, even by email through QuickBooks takes only a few minutes of your time.

Let us train you in these techniques!