QuickBooks for the restaurant industry

QuickBooks for the Restaurant Industry

Your menu isn’t complete without QuickBooks.

Appetizers, main courses, desserts, specials, QuickBooks – necessities for a successful restaurant.

Having up-to-date financial data is crucial to successfully run a business in any industry, but in particular the restaurant industry. Money is constantly coming in and out and your financial position changes with every sale that is rung up or bill that is paid.

In most restaurants, the program used for running the restaurant is for the sale of the food. It doesn’t give you the full set of financial details.

QuickBooks is designed to interface with point of sales (POS) systems, such as Maitre’D. Imagine importing the financial data from your POS system into QuickBooks. This will save you time, but more importantly, it means you will always have a true understanding of your finances.

Most data is historical. Think about it. Most people send their data to a bookkeeper who after a period of time returns the information to you. That data may not be current. But with QuickBooks and its ability to interface with POS systems, you’ll always know where you stand.

At True Vista, we can also help set-up your system and train the appropriate staff so that they get the most out of QuickBooks, know how to use it and analyze the data. By doing it yourself, you’ll be able to minimize the services of an outside bookkeeper. However if accounting is not your forte we have experienced staff who can take care of this for you.

QuickBooks for the restaurant industry helps set up a system of checks and balances to prevent theft and can run literally thousands of customizable reports that give you maximum knowledge of how your business is performing. It is designed for more than just paying bills, tracking expenses, and doing payroll.

If you’re looking for some outside assistance on things such as month-end and year-end accounting needs, we can help. Check out our Accounting Services to see the full list of services True Vista Accounting Solutions Ltd. offers.