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Blog: Intuit Thrive Conference

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the amazing, knowledge-filled Intuit Thrive Conference. Approaching the opportunity as a huge learning curve, I opened my mind to many new ideas which I know in the long term will be of great benefit to my clients.


One of 600 accounting and bookkeeping professionals at Intuit Thrive!

As many of you know, I have been a QuickBooks user since 1992, a Certified Advisor since 1996 and a Certified Trainer (hand-picked by Intuit Canada by studying and certifying with them in Edmonton) since 2006. I am now the only remaining practicing trainer in this capacity in Atlantic Canada, putting me in a very unique position for my clients. I know this program, its robustness and everything that it can provide for my clients (above and beyond the simple basics) in helping them manage, critique and grow their businesses.


Myself with the lovely Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea.

Intuit Thrive was all about Intuit’s latest venture, QuickBooks Online (QBO). In the past year, Intuit has really expanded what this program can do to streamline processes and help firms become paperless while at the same time keeping all data required for CRA. Also, with the help of applications that feed directly into QBO, users have been able to save time and money through the program’s efficiency. This allows staff more time to work on the growth of their business, the care of their customers and the ability to branch out into new services and monitor that activity. To me, this in invaluable.


The extremely knowledgeable and inspirational, Arlene Dickinson from Dragon’s Den.

My full-time staff and I have also received our Certification in QBO. During Intuit Thrive I took the Advanced Certification Course. All of this said, it’s safe to say we are all well-versed in QBO through both education and experience.


Myself with the very capable and knowledgeable Intuit QuickBooks Canada team.

Already working with QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)? Rest assured, all of the work currently stored in QBD can be seamlessly converted to QBO with zero loss of data. Imagine reducing the use of excel spreadsheets with Cloud Apps, available to whichever staff member needs to have access, that will download seamlessly into QBO. Picture having the ability to access reports from wherever you are that gives you current, up-to-date information with a simple click of a button. QBD will always be offered by Intuit. The delegates at Thrive were assured of this, because there will always be customers for which QBD is the best fit. TrueVista can discuss which would work best for your firm.

Recently we worked with a client who, who with our QuickBooks expertise, went from a full-time bookkeeper, to a three half-day per week part-timer. They also gained better reporting in the process. This is the type of streamlining we can do for you, all the while improving your understanding of your financial health.

Interested? Want to learn more? We’re here help. Our team is happy to sit down with your team to fully understand your current process (as well as your pain points) to come up with individualized solutions specifically for you and your business.

Let me – one of only 18 Certified QuickBooks Trainers in Canada – help bring your company’s efficiency level up by combining all of your previous processes into these simple and easy-to-use systems. You’ll soon wonder how you functioned so long without it. Contact to book a free one-hour consultation.


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